Humble Weekly Sale focuses on Focus Home Interactive

focus humble sale

Terrible and obvious puns aside, the Humble Weekly Sale has various joints from Focus Home Interactive, covering RPGs, city sims, and detective stories set in Victorian London.

Six games are available from the outset for any price consumers want to pay, but Wargame: European Escalation and The Testament of Sherlock Holmes are only available if you drop at least $6. The soundtrack for Sherlock is also included in that upper tier, while the soundtracks for Divinity II: Dragon Commander and Confrontation will be available at the regular tier. The games available for any price are:

  • Cities XL Platinum
  • Blood Bowl: Legendary Edition
  • Divinity II: Developer's Cut
  • Game of Thrones
  • Confrontation
  • R.A.W. Realms of Ancient War

Just like with other bundles, you can decide how much of your payment goes to the publisher, to Humble Bundle Inc., or to help Child's Play, the American Red Cross, or both.