Latest Humble Bundle discounts Sid Meier's greats like Civ 4 and Railroads

Humble Sid Meier Bundle

Sid Meier. Sid Meier. Sid Meier. If you say Sid Meier three times, well, he won't pop out of your bathroom mirror. But at least you'll be prepared for seeing the name of one of PC gaming's developer grandmasters festooned across the newest offering from Humble Bundle which focuses on a selection of terrific turn-based strategy titles.

As before, plunking down as little or as much as you want gets you the bundle's bounty which includes Ace Patrol , its Pacific Skies expansion, Railroads!, and the Complete editions of Civilization III and IV. If you shell out the extra dough to climb above the average ($6.59 as of writing), you'll increase your Meier meter with Civilization V (check out some of its awesome mods ) and its excellent Gods and Kings DLC . And if you're feeling extra generous—or you just plain can't get enough of Civ—then donating $15 or more throws in the high-scoring Brave New World pack as well.

Fair warning, though: Sid Meier games are crudely-disguised time machines. You'll think one hour has gone by when really it's been 10 hours and you could've sworn you've pressed that "End Turn" button more than once. If you're prepared to jump into the time rift, then the bundle is a great display of evolution of the Civilization franchise from the past decade and a chance for those who missed it to experience an excellent offering of PC strategy gaming. Head over to Humble Bundle's home to grab it.

Omri Petitte

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