Humble Jumbo Bundle 4 adds Freedom Planet, Screencheat and Coin Crypt

Freedom Planet

That big ol' bundle of games? It now contains more games. The Humble Jumbo Bundle 4—already stuffed full of The Stanley Parable, Endless Space and more—has had three new games crammed up in it.

Freedom Planet, Screencheat and Coin Crypt are the new additions, and will be available to anyone paying more than the average price of (as of writing) $5.24.

What of the games themselves? Our editor, Samuel, is a big advocate of Freedom Planet—comparing it favourably to the Sonic games of old. Shaun, meanwhile, seemed to enjoy Screencheat—a four-player splitscreen shooter in which you must look at your opponent's corner of the screen to work out where they are. Coin Crypt, alas, doesn't have an on-team advocate. It appears to be a procedurally generated adventure game.

The Humble Jumbo Bundle will run until Tuesday, August 4. Proceeds are split between the developers, Humble, and this bundle's two charities, Save The Children and charity:water.

Phil Savage

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