Humble Bundle now lets you gift extra Steam keys to friends and family

The Humble Bundle has added a new feature to its already-popular package of game sales and charity outreach: the ability to gift games to family or friends. Humble is calling the new option "experimental," according to an announcement on its blog, but it's likely going to be a hit due to the enormous variety of games we often see in Humble's various digital download offers.

We still see the familiar "Steam will not provide extra giftable copies of games you already own" warning when deciding to take part in the current Humble WB Bundle or the new Daedalic Weekly Sale , but now the site's interface includes a separate button to launch any extra copies off to a different destination. The instructions for making the new gifting process work appear refreshingly straightforward and are available here .

"We and the developers we work with trust that our awesome customers will keep spreading the Humble way by sharing extra games with those who will appreciate it," reports the Humble Bundle about the change. "With your kindness, we hope to be able to continue this feature in the future."

Active players often find they already own one or more of the games that come included in these benevolent bundles. Now (for the time being at least), they can be put to good use elsewhere, perhaps in the collection of a friend who just got into PC gaming. It looks like a win-win, for charity , as well as empty game collections everywhere.