How to use a camera hack to take perfect screenshots of Mr. X and crybaby Leon in Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil 2 looks so, so good. The Raccoon City setting isn't massive, but makes excellent use of such a small, dense space by plastering every inch with detail. Some lovely texture and lighting work across the environments and characters tie it all together and make RE2 a game worth staring at uninterrupted—it's just that the constant threat of Mr. X and his zombie buds don't give you much time to smell the flowers. 

No worries. A Cheat Engine camera tool created and shared by expert screenshotter Jim2point0  (who you may remember from his Pixel Boost days) makes taking nice pictures in Resident Evil 2 easy and stress free. The script allows you to detach the camera from the primary character and move it around freely using the numpad to change position, height, and FOV. You can even pause time to set up the perfect shot and resume once you've snapped it. 

It's a great way to contribute a personal meme to the Mr. X craze Twitter is all about lately. Personally, I just want to get as many shots of Leon crying out in pain. That grimace is too perfect. 

You might encounter a few issues with the script enabled that get in the way of your artistry, though. When in a dark area that the player character lights up with a flashlight, the light source seems to be attached to the camera rather than the character. I also recommend turning off the HUD in the settings menu. If you pause with a weapon drawn, the reticle and ammo count will remain visible. 

One more thing: if you install Cheat Engine, you're using it at your own risk. Resident Evil 2 isn't a multiplayer game, but if you leave a script running on accident and load up CS:GO or something similar, it could be detected and perceived as cheating. I mean, "cheat" is right there in the name. Be sure to read over usage rights for any game you use Cheat Engine with, just in case. 

A few quick shots I took within five minutes of using the tool:

James Davenport

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