How to find the Fortnite Cube memorial locations

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Part of the Fortnite Worlds Collide missions is a simple errand: Go visit one of the two Fortnite Cube memorial locations on the map. Thankfully, this is ridiculously easy once you know where to go, so allow us to show you.

It's worth noting that you have to finish at least one other Worlds Collide mission before this one becomes available, otherwise your visit won't count.

Fortnite Cube memorial location 1

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You'll find the first Cube memorial in the southeast portion of the map, on top of one of the several mesas just a little southwest of Paradise Palms. Look for the little blue mark in the image below. As you dive in, you'll want to look for the mesa with what looks like a ring of burn marks on it. In the center of that ring you'll find your Cube memorial.

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Fortnite Cube memorial location 2

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The second Cube memorial location is right outside the Loot Lake location. You'll remember that this is where we first met the Cube some time ago.

Look for the giant glowing aura that encompasses the vault buried in Loot Lake. Just outside of that area is what remains of the actual "lake" part of Loot Lake. On a small grassy island, with a bit of rock sticking out, you'll find the second Cube memorial.

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