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Horror puzzler Darq is getting multiple free DLCs later this year

(Image credit: Unfold Games)

The solo developer behind horror-filled puzzle game Darq, who last week revealed why he turned down Epic Games Store exclusivity, will release multiple free DLCs before the end of the year.

The DLCs, currently at the early concept stages, will add new levels to the gravity-bending puzzle game, Wlad Marhulets (aka Unfold Games) said on Twitter.

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In a Steam post announcing the DLC, Marhulets also thanked fans for their support following a blog in which he explained why he turned down Epic's exclusivity offer. In the blog, he called on Epic to allow indie games to sell simultaneously on the Epic store and via Steam.

"I didn't expect my blog post to result in so much good will and support. Please know that I don't take any of it for granted and I'm truly grateful," he said in the Steam post. The game currently has "very positive" user reviews on Steam, and some cite Marhulets' decision to turn down the Epic deal as the very reason they bought the game. 

Samuel Horti

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