Horror game Darq shows mind-bending puzzles and terrifying mannequins

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Darq is a psychological horror game starring Lloyd, a boy trapped in a lucid nightmare. Unable to wake up, Lloyd is forced to solve puzzles by manipulating the bonkers laws which govern his dream world, all the while hiding from the monsters which inhabit it. Developer Unfold Games describes it as a musically charged experience, but even in silence, Darq is absolutely arresting.  

It achieves remarkable depth through creative lighting and a thickly detailed foreground, and there’s a real sense of weight to its physics objects. 

Lloyd is more than scared and alone. He’s vulnerable, and vulnerability is at the heart of every memorable nightmare. It’s pure, helpless horror, and a great showing for a promising game. 

Darq will come to PC in early 2018. 

Austin Wood
Staff writer, GamesRadar

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