Horizon Zero Dawn is coming to PC this summer

(Image credit: Sony)

PlayStation exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn is an exclusive no more. Sony has finally confirmed that the open-world robot dinosaur romp is coming to PC this summer. After months of rumours, head of Sony Worldwide Studios and former managing director of Guerrilla Hermen Hulst dropped the nugget in a PlayStation Blog interview. 

"Yes, I can confirm that Horizon Zero Dawn is coming to PC this summer," he said, adding that more details from Guerrilla's new studio directors would be coming soon. The store page is now up on Steam, too, and gives us a bit more to go on, though there are no system requirements yet. 

Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition will include:

  • Horizon Zero Dawn
  • The Frozen Wilds expansion
  • Carja Storm Ranger Outfit and Carja Mighty Bow
  • Carja Trader Pack
  • Banuk Trailblazer Outfit and Banuk Culling Bow
  • Banuk Traveller Pack
  • Nora Keeper Pack

This is the same as what's in the PS4 version, though that version also contained a digital art book and a dynamic theme. There's no word on what PC-exclusive features it might have, if any. The store page also uses PS4 Pro screenshots, so we're still waiting for our first look at the port. 

According to Hulst, Sony is open to "new ideas of how to introduce more people to PlayStation," but that doesn't mean it plans to release a lot more PS4 games on PC. A job listing for The Last of Us 2 suggested that a PC port might be on the cards, but Sony's not ready to reveal any more ports. 

"[T]o maybe put a few minds at ease, releasing one first-party AAA title to PC doesn’t necessarily mean that every game now will come to PC," Hulst said. "In my mind, Horizon Zero Dawn was just a great fit in this particular instance. We don’t have plans for day and date [PC releases], and we remain 100% committed to dedicated hardware."

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