Hope and CHARGE! The US Election in gaming

As you may have overheard, the US Presidential Election is over, Barack Obama is settling in for his second term of office, and whatever your politics, I think we can all agree that nothing that makes Donald Trump blow this much of a gasket can be a bad thing. But this isn't Politics Weekly, it's (double-checks) PC Gamer. Time to check in on a couple of older stories, and their aftermath...

LOSER! Joe Baca

He wanted warning labels on games , cigarette style, with the mandatory message "WARNING: Excessive exposure to violent video games and other violent media has been linked to aggressive behavior" - a theory that in fairness hasn't been absolutely disproven, but is far, far further from being confirmed. The Byron Report in the UK for instance ultimately came down on the side of 'no'.

Well, he's gone, and taken his crazy with him. Of course, he's not the only one with a grudge against gaming. As GamePolitics reports , still in place is one William Fourkiller who wants to put a 'sin tax' on anything with a rating above E from the ESRB, and no doubt many other troublemakers.

WINNER! Colleen Lachowicz

Colleen Lachowicz was the Democrat candidate from Maine whose World of Warcraft character was brought into a bizarre Republican smear campaign. Her Orc character was described as a 'Disturbing Alter-Ego', with a whole website called Colleen's World being set up to prove that she clearly wasn't mature enough to be a politician. This went down about as well with gamers as you'd expect.

A flier sent out as part of the smear campaign by people with no sense of fun.

A flier sent out as part of the smear campaign by people with no sense of fun.

How did that work for them? Not so well. She won her seat. Lok'tar ogar, indeed.

REMATCH! Election: Total War

Don't count the votes. Count the bodies.

Don't count the votes. Count the bodies.

Finally, a silly one. Does it need much explanation? Not really. "This is a small mod which adds Barack Obama and Mitt Romney to the unit rosters of England and France. Have fun in custom battles refighting the presidential debates and race in a slightly more brutal fashion!"

If that sounds like fun, download it here . If not... well, don't! The choice is yours.