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Homefront PC's online component is being developed by Digital Extremes, the creators of Unreal and Unreal Tournament. Their job is to add PC specific features to Homefront, including clan support, vehicle cockpits, stat tracking and dedicated servers. Read on to find out what you'll be able to customise in Homefront's online game.

Segmentnext have the details on Homefront's dedicated servers. They won't offer a free reign to admins, as the devs are concerned that too much customisation will ruin the balance of the game. As a result, spawn times and weapon availability options will be locked off. There's still plenty of wiggle room, however, as demonstrated by the list of features below.

  • There will be no option to change spawn times or the weapons available to the players.

  • No hardcore mode is included, so tough luck for the gamers who liked to kill and die quick. This is done mainly to preserve the competitive aspect.

  • Servers will be able to run in 'mixed mode', which will alter the game-types of the server automatically.

  • There will be a “Message of the Day” support, and the option to make servers private is also a possibility.

  • Admins will be able to toggle auto-balancing on and off, force a player to spectate, and switch members to a team.

  • The dedicated servers do not required Steam Client to be logged in.

  • Developers are considering a patch that will allow a Ready-up Timer, Halftime team-switching/side switching and round numbers selection.
  • For those who are interested in prematurely learning about the server variables, here they are:

    • Server Name

    • MOTD
    • Game Mode (easy to have mixed mode)
    • GC Score Limit
    • TDM Score Limit
    • Time Limit
    • Internet (off for LAN)
    • Vac Secured
    • No of Slots
    • Game Port
    • Query Port
    • AdminPassword
    • GamePassword
    • Friendly Fire
    • No Vehicles
    • Record Demo

Homefront is due out on March 15 in the US, and March 18 in the US. You can find a full run down of Homefront's PC specific features on the Homefront site. Will you be purchasing a copy?

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