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Hitman's second Elusive Target is now live, so to speak

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As I write, the Congressman (opens in new tab) is walking the streets of Sapienza, surrounded by muscle and personal assistants. One way or another he'll be gone before two days are up.

You know the rules: you've got one shot to eliminate the target. Die and that's it. If he dies, that's it—there'll be no attempts to better your score. Remember that PC players have a reputation to protect (opens in new tab) when it comes to assassinating high-value targets, so try not to let the side down.

As the with the Forger (opens in new tab) before him, Io has provided us with a little intel on the Congressman. Aspiring presidential candidate Anthony L. Troutt made himself a few enemies during the 1983 invasion of Grenada. Friendly fire can have that effect. During his visit, he'll be staying at Silvio Caruso's mansion. The rest is up to you.