The Congressman is Hitman's next Elusive Target

Hitman's first Elusive Target has hardly started decomposing and Io is sending another VIP to slaughter. The Congressman is marked for death, and he'll be holidaying in Sapienza next weekend, starting Friday, May 27.

The brief is much the same. You have one shot at the Congressman—mess up and he'll go to ground for good. After the event is over, he'll jet off, never to be seen again. Instinct mode and the minimap will do you no good whatsoever. The key difference is the need to own Sapienza before you can hunt there.

Last week, only 53% of players had the skills to take out the Forger and make it out of Paris alive. However, PC players proved themselves the best hitmen, so there's something to take pride in. Most of the PCG team managed it, but only because Samuel is a dastardly cheater.