Hitman's getting harder with new "Professional" difficulty level

Have you become too good for your own good at Hitman? Is your unfailingly excellent execution taking away the fun that can only come from a balls-out bungling? Do you ever wish that maybe some of these goons and bodyguards were just a little bit more on the ball? If you answered "yes" to any or all of those questions, then the upcoming Hitman January update might be just what you're after. 

Included in the update will be a new Professional difficulty level, which will "create an entirely new experience for all players," Io Interactive said. It will be selectable for all season one story missions, but must first be unlocked, separately for each location, by reaching Mastery Level 20 in that location. So, for instance, to be able to play at the Professional level in Paris, you must first reach Mastery 20 in Paris. Elusive Targets and Escalation Contracts will not be affected, however, and will only be playable at the default (now called "Normal") difficulty.   

Io Interactive said that full patch notes for the January update will be released sometime in advance of the console launch of Hitman: The Complete First Season on January 31. Ahead of that, here's a look at what Professionals have in store. 

Andy Chalk

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