Hitman studio IO Interactive will reveal a new project tomorrow morning

Hitman 3
(Image credit: IO Interactive)

IO Interactive will reveal a new project tomorrow morning—meaning November 19—and while the studio is best known for the long-running Hitman series, the likelihood is that we won't see Agent 47 in this one.

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For one thing, we already know what he's up to: Hitman 3 was announced in June and is scheduled to be out on January 20, 2021. There's also the matter of the mystery game announced in October 2019 that's being developed in partnership with publisher Warner Bros Interactive: Hitman 3 is being self-published, which means the WBIE team-up is (probably) something else entirely.

The truly optimistic might have their fingers crossed for a new Freedom Fighters game. That seems like a serious long shot, but the original recently resurfaced on GOG, and it's a better shooter than the "cult classic" moniker suggests. A surprise sequel announcement would certainly grab some eyeballs. (And also my money.) Even a remaster would be cool.

Or maybe it's something else entirely! I honestly have no idea. We'll find out tomorrow. The big reveal will take place at 6 am PT/9 am ET/3 pm CEST. We'll keep you posted.

Andy Chalk

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