Hitman jets off to Marrakesh next week

Death comes to Morocco on May 31 as Agent 47 heads to Marrakesh for Hitman's third episodic mission. This time he's on the tail of an investment banker (boo, hiss) and an army general.

The former is holed up in the Swedish consulate. I'm envisioning the embassy scene from Casino Royale with better air conditioning. The general has his own headquarters, and an army to back him up. Perks of the job, y'know?

Always choose a breathable fabric when wading into a coup

Always choose a breathable fabric when wading into a coup.

Whereas Sapienza was a sleepy seaside town with a dark underbelly, Marrakesh is a poorly contained panic attack. There's a full-blown riot in progress, the military is mulling over a coup, and the bazaars are packed with pesky civilians trying to go about their lives.

Surely the arrival of 47 will calm the situation.

If you're in the habit of purchasing Hitman's levels individually, Marrakesh is priced $10.

 Oh look a street party

"Oh look, a street party!"