Hitman is getting a TV series on Hulu streaming service

Despite being dropped by Square Enix earlier this year, going indie was a "genuine watershed moment" for Hitman studio IO Interactive. With new games planned, Agent 47's episodic series is in rude health—and is now in-line for a television series. 

As reported by Deadline (via gamesindustry.biz), Fox 21 has partnered with streaming service Hulu to launch a Hitman series—with a pilot script written by Derek Kolstad, the creator and writer of the John Wick action films. Kolstad will be an executive producer, alongside film producers Chuck Gordon and Adrian Askarieh—the latter of which worked on both Hitman movies.   

Deadline reports that "the hope is for Hitman to become a flagship series" for Hulu, which, given how poorly received both the 2007 and 2015 films were, is perhaps something Agent 47 deserves. 

Speaking to the game, Phil's review of the first season in its entirety can be read here. Also from Phil, I really enjoyed this piece on the making of Sapienza, Hitman's best level.