Hitman comes to Arma 3 in the form of user-made missions

Hitman Arma

I spent my weekend picking through some of the Make Arma Not War finalists. Most are great, and all are at least deserving of some attention, but one in particular seems worthy of highlighting. Not because it's particularly well polished (it really, really isn't), but because it's a great showcase for the breadth of scenarios available for the military sim.

Hitman Tribute is a series of missions designed in tribute to the Hitman series. In them, you're placed in a small and public area, and asked to sneak into an off-limits sector of the map to take out a number of targets. So far, so Hitman – and the parallels don't end there. You can find dead drops containing weapons, use poisonous injections to silently take down a guard, steal clothes and hide bodies, and arrange an "accident" for your quarry.

There are some really good objectives. At the same time, it's devilishly hard. Partly that's because Hitman's social stealth can be generally quite difficult to read, but also because these Arma missions are pretty rough around the edges. Some of Hitman's key elements fit awkwardly in Bohemia's engine.

Still, if you love Hitman and own Arma 3, it's worth taking a look. Learn to overcome its oddities, and it's a satisfying series to work through.

You can find the complete Hitman Tribute series in the Steam Workshop.

Phil Savage

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