Where to find the Berlin ICA Agents in Hitman 3

Agent 47 on the decks
(Image credit: IO Interactive)

Hitman 3's Berlin is a standout destination. Not only does it capture grim nightclub toilets in nightmarish detail, it offers ten targets for Agent 47 to hunt. The twist is, all ten are undercover, meaning you have to stalk the corridors of the club listening out for radio chatter to reveal your prey. Thankfully, you only need to take out five of the targets to scare the others off, so here’s where to find the ICA Agents in Berlin.

In this guide I'm detailing each Hitman 3 agent location and an image of the disguise they're wearing. The key to revealing their identities is to follow them on patrol until they chat into their radio mics. This marks them on the map. I’ve also included the items they drop as some carry useful equipment that may make it easier to hunt the remaining agents. So, here's where to find each Hitman 3 Berlin agent location.

Every Hitman 3 Berlin agent location, and their disguises


Okay, this one's a bit of a freebie. As soon as Agent 47 emerges from the woods after the level's eerie introduction you’ll see Agent Price walking from the left carrying his torch. You can hide behind a rock and sneak up on him as he passes. Taking him out gets the earpiece to hear the chatter of the other agents.


Agent Davenport searches for Agent 47 on Level 0 of the club. He patrols the public area, walking from just inside the Wardrobe room out to a table in the Chill Out area (a good place to poison his drink). He's dressed in a black t-shirt and wears shades inside a very dark club, a clear sign something is wrong. If you lurk near the door to the Chill Out area you’ll identify him in no time. When killed, he drops a lockpick.


Agent Swan walks laps of the Chill Out and Juice Bar area. Both are found on Level 0, to the east of the main club building. Swan is dressed in a grey t-shirt and shorts. When he passes the Juice Bar he pauses to relax by a table, the best place to overhear him talking on his mic. When killed, he drops an Electronic Lock Hack. If you can disguise yourself as a Juice Bar worker you can take over the nearby stand and serve him a poisoned drink.


Agent Thames can be found near the club's back entrance. This is outside and to the west of the main club building. Thames is dressed as club staff, with a club t-shirt and a balaclava. There are other staff in similar outfits: To spot the right guy, hide in the long grass or behind the low walls and wait to overhear his radio chatter. When killed he drops a Remote Audio Distraction Mk3.


Agent Banner is one of the easier ICA Agents to find as he never moves from his location. He stands on the gangway above the dance floor, on Level -1 of the club interior. This area is off limits without a club staff disguise (or good sneaking, of course), but if you can get near enough you’ll soon hear his radio conversation. When killed, Agent Banner drops a Lethal Syringe.


Agent Chamberlain patrols the Dance Floor on Level -2. He walks a full circuit of the floor travelling through the Basement Bar and around the edge, before popping into a security room. He’s dressed as club security, but he's easy to spot as he's the only patrolling guard down here. When killed he drops a Remote Semtex Demo Block. A good way to break his routine is to chuck a brick of cocaine into a giant fan as he crosses the dance floor, making him ill. 


Agent Montgomery patrols the largest stretch of the level, walking from the Level -1 Projection Bar over to Agent Banner on the gangway and then down to Level -2 to talk with Agent Chamberlain. He wears a security guard uniform and has a bodyguard with him, so he's easy to spot. The easiest way to find him is to wait at the Projection Bar. When killed he drops a Club Key Card, making it easier to get into the back rooms.


Agent Green can be found on the eastern edge of the club roof. Level 2 to be precise. He’s dressed as club security and patrols the roof. There are other security guards located at either end of the roof, but it’s a long enough distance that you can grab him in the middle of his patrol without either seeing. When you kill him he drops a Concealable Knife and a Radio Tower Key that unlocks the sniper tower at the entrance to the level.


Agent Lowenthal is hiding in the Biker’s Garage on Level 0. Wearing the biker outfit he blends in with other NPCs. Lowenthal walks between the Garage and Drug Packaging, through the corridor with the giant furnace. Wait at the garage end of the furnace corridor and you’ll soon overhear his chat. When killed he drops a Remote CX Demo Block. Note: Taking him out near the furnace gives you a handy place to incinerate the remains.


Agent Rhodes is found in the Grow House on Level 1 of the biker hideout to the north of the club. He wears the biker uniform and is easily spotted as he patrols from the security room into the Grow House itself. There is a handy corner at the west end of the Grow Room to lure him out of sight from other guards and sort him out. When killed he drops Lethal Pills and that biker disguise makes the area a whole lot safer to explore.


Agent Tremaine hides in the Sniper Nest, in the southwest corner the biker hideout's second level. He’s easy to spot as he stands by his rifle at all times. Wait behind the nearby box until he uses his mic to reveal himself. Killing him drops the Radio Tower Key for access to a sniping spot, and you can also take his rifle. There’s also a challenge for killing him with his own gun: If you subdue him and steal the rifle, you can snipe his sleeping body to unlock it.