Hitman 2’s new Miami Pack offers the game’s first ‘real’ level, plus Sean Bean

Hitman fans may have different preferred approaches to the business of unobtrusive assassination, but they all agree on one thing: more people should play Hitman 2. IO Interactive has a new entry-level Hitman 2 package that may help entice more players into Hitman 2’s “world of assassinations.” 

The Miami Package, which is available on Steam for $11.99 USD (or your regional equivalent), includes the Miami location and The Finish Line mission, which has Agent 47 tracking down Kronstadt Industries CEO Robert Knox and his daughter Sierra Knox. It’s a sprawling location that features crowds, an underground parking garage, and a high-performance motor race.

The pack also lets you in on the Undying Returns Elusive Contract, which gives you a single chance to assassinate a character played by a very arch Sean Bean. That contract, incidentally, is currently available to all Hitman 2 players, and runs until June 3—so if you missed it the first time around, here’s your second chance.

With the Miami Pack, you’ll also get the introductory Hawke’s Bay location and the tutorial Nightcall mission which are included in the free Starter Pack introduced earlier this year, Ghost mode for Miami, the Himmelstein Sniper Assassin mode, plus all the current and future contracts for both Hawke’s Bay and Miami. Not bad!

Miami is an excellent entry point into the modern Hitman franchise, and at this price it’s a steal.