Hitman 2's last mission features a trio of targets in a tropical resort

(Image credit: IO Interactive)

With Agent 47 taking a working holiday to the Maldives later this month, IO Interactive has given us a closer look at Hitman 2's new destination, Haven Island, as well as the accompanying mission, Last Resort. 

Haven Island is a tropical paradise with golden beaches, crystal clear water and one bald assassin. It's the HQ of a reputation management service, which treats its presumably terrible guests to all the luxuries they want. 

In Last Resort, set right after the bank mission, Agent 47 will need to pose as a guest to take out a trio of targets. IO Interactive will share story details later, but for now we know that there will be more than 75 challenges, 20 mastery levels, four unique items, a new suit and seven achievements. Haven Island will also be available in Contracts mode. 

More details on the targets and location will be released soon. Unfortunately, it's the final piece of the Expansion Pass, though we'll still have more contracts and targets to keep us occupied after it launches. Hopefully it's a memorable one. 

Haven Island and Last Resort are launching on September 24 for Expansion Pass and Gold Edition owners.

Fraser Brown
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