High CPU temps got you down? This triple fan all-in-one liquid cooler is just $110

High CPU temps got you down? This triple fan all-in-one liquid cooler is just $110
Save $50 on EVGA's flagship liquid cooler with a 360mm radiator and RGB lighting. (Image credit: EVGA)

If your CPU is running hot, replacing the thermal paste and clearing dust from your case's fan grills can help. But what if temps are still high? It might be time to upgrade your CPU cooler. If that's the route you are going, you'll be happy to know EVGA's flagship liquid cooler is on sale.

It's a 360mm all-in-one liquid cooler—a bigger version of EVGA's CLC 240, one of the best CPU coolers—marked down from $159.99 to $109.99 at Amazon right now. That is the cheapest we have seen it without having to hassle with a mail-in-rebate. It's also one of the least expensive 360mm AIO coolers around (the majority go for $140 and up)

EVGA 360mm All-In-One CPU Liquid Cooler | RGB |$159.99$109.99 at Amazon (save $50)
A big liquid coole...

EVGA 360mm All-In-One CPU Liquid Cooler | RGB | $159.99 $109.99 at Amazon (save $50)
This is EVGA's biggest and best performing all-in-one CPU liquid cooler. The only time we have seen it cheaper (by $10) is when there was a mail-in-in rebate available. You don't have to fuss with that here.

The cooler comes with the necessary hardware to install it on a variety of sockets, including Intel's LGA 2066, 2011, 2011-v3, 1200, 1150, 1151, 1155, 1156, and 1366, and AMD's AM2, AM3, AM4, FM1, FM2, and TR4. That means you can use it with the latest silicon from both AMD (Ryzen 5000, Zen 3) and Intel (11th Gen Core, Rocket Lake), as well as older hardware. Installation is easy too, as EVGA demonstrates on YouTube—it's the smaller CLC 240 model, but the steps are the same.

Three 120mm cooling fans blast air onto the large radiator, with coolant flowing to and from it by way of sleeved tubing. These are variable speed fans that spin up or down, depending on your CPU's temps. And according to EVGA, the curved housing of the cooler both improves airflow, and decreases vibration and noise.

A bit of RGB lighting is part of the package as well, customizable through EVGA's Flow Control software. This is only on the pump, not the fans. However, you could always swap out the fans for RGB ones, if you really wanted to.

EVGA backs this cooler with a five-year warranty.

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