Hi-Rez raising funds for Nepal with special Smite chests

Smite Nepal chest

Smite developer Hi-Rez Studios has unveiled the new Nepal Earthquake Relief chest, which it's now selling to raise funds for relief efforts in the earthquake-stricken nation.

The chest costs 400 Gems and contains "rare and exclusive skins" from around the world, including Lucky Baby Fuwa (Cupid), The Sydney Shredder (He Bo), Orbital Strike (Rama), Jaguar Footballer (Xbalanque), Ra’Merica (Ra), and Soldier of Fortune (Ares). For each chest sold, Hi-Rez will donate $2 to the American Red Cross to support humanitarian aid.

"Gems" in Smite are an in-game currency that can be earned by redeeming codes, through in-game promotional offers, and of course by way of real-money purchases. The actual cost of Gems in dollars varies with the amount purchased—buying in bulk is always cheaper—but a pack of 400 carries a regular price of $8. The Nepal Earthquake Relief chest will be available until May 17.

Hi-Rez isn't the only game studio taking steps to raise money for Nepal: In April, Ubisoft's Far Cry team pledged to match donations to the Canadian Red Cross of up to $100,000 (that effort currently stands at around $70,000 raised), and last week CCP did the same with its latest Plex for Good campaign. That effort was actually extended yesterday to May 24 after the country was struck by a second major quake.

Andy Chalk

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