HGST's 8TB Deskstar hard drive is on sale for $230 today

The mistake that most people make with their data is putting off backups until it's too late. Don't be that person. If you're looking to back things up with a NAS appliance but need to store a lot of data, B&H Photo has a good deal for HGST's 8TB Deskstar.

It's marked down to $230 today, making it the best buy around—Newegg has it on sale for $270, and Amazon is asking $267.

This is not the same Deskstar model that became not-so-affectionately referred to as the Deathstar from years back. That was IBM's Deskstar 75GXP. For what it's worth, cloud provider Backblaze has found HGST's drives to be rather solid, and it's early look at 8TB drives in general has been promising.

While aimed at NAS solutions, you can run this drive in your system like any other HDD. It has a bit of a performance edge with a 7,200 RPM spindle speed and 128MB of cache. It's also backed by a 3-year warranty.

You can grab this drive on sale here.

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