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Here's some raw 4K gameplay footage from Need For Speed: Heat

Need For Speed: Heat is the next instalment in Ghost Games' reliably edgy racing series, and the video above marks the first serving of proper, uninterrupted gameplay footage (there's this trailer, but it's very trailer-y). The video is courtesy of IGN, and it shows the game in 4K, with servings of both day and night racing.

As is customary nowadays, publisher Electronic Arts has preempted questions about loot boxes: the game won't have any, and won't ever have any, apparently. Though it will eventually get a "time-saving pack".

Heat releases on November 8. It follows 2017's Need For Speed: Payback, which wasn't exactly a classic, according to our reviewer Phil Iwaniuk. "Enjoyable arcade handling packaged within a game that gets monotonous long before it rewards your time investment," he wrote.

Shaun Prescott
Shaun is PC Gamer’s Australian editor and news writer. He mostly plays platformers and RPGs, and keeps a close eye on anything of particular interest to antipodean audiences. He (rather obsessively) tracks the movements of the Doom modding community, too.