Here's John Wick reimagined as a brutally difficult, free NES game

(Image credit: Tom Sykes)

You can currently royally battle as John Wick, and you'll soon be able to tactically whack goons in the upcoming John Wick Hex, but where's the straightforward shoot-'em-up inspired by the meteorically popular Keanu-Reeves-starring action films?

It's here, kinda, in John Wick, which is John Wick but as a run-and-gun NES shooter. Made with art assets created for a fake NES version of the film, developer MuriloDev has created an actually playable game. On its normal difficulty setting, I managed about four or five enemies before collapsing into a Wicky heap, but there is an easy option, perhaps less authentic to the traditional NES experience.

It's a few stages long, and looks and sounds especially lovely. Fans of Contra, and that sort of thing, should get a kick out of this.

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Tom Sykes

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