Here's new footage of Doom Eternal in Nightmare mode

Word of warning: the above video may cause you to grind your teeth into dust. It's footage of Doom Eternal in Nightmare mode, captured by YouTuber TheSpudHunter, and needless to say it's extremely fast and almost intolerably anxiety inducing. There's an Archvile in there (a seemingly very bullet-spongy one), a bunch of those new Gargoyle things, and almost as an afterthought: a Cyberdemon.

The footage shows one of the game's Slayer Gates, which are this sequel's answer to Rune Trials except, going by this footage at least, more substantial. 

In other Doom Eternal news, executive producer Marty Stratton has told Official Xbox Magazine that post-launch support will be a big focus for id Software. "We see hundreds and hundreds of thousand players continuing to play Doom 2016, and we’ve got nothing [for them]," he said. "They’ve asked for more DLC, they’ve asked for more ways to play, and honestly we got straight into the development of Doom Eternal and haven’t given them anything.

"So I’m really excited about things like Master Levels," he continued, "and the DLC that we have, new challenges that we’ll be offering on a monthly or weekly basis, we’ll be continuing to support Battle Mode, adding Invasion, we’ve got so much that we want to do post-launch, really giving players what they’ve been asking us for, coming back for more of the game, and giving them some more variety in that experience.

If you can cope, below is yet another video of new Doom Eternal footage, this time via jacksepticeye.

Shaun Prescott

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