Here's an area of Dark Souls recreated in LEGO Worlds

Lego Worlds isn't just Minecraft with Lego* – players can also create their own games using some pretty intuitive in-game tools. Take this example: someone has built Dark Souls' Firelink Shrine in the block-building game, and they've not forgotten to include those horrible respawning skeletons.

The work of reddit user MythicMarty, it was created using Lego World's in-game tools. The health and stamina status bar elements were added in Adobe After Effects, and the voiceover work was torn out of the original game.

It took around a month to build the environment and create the video, and if you click play on the embedded file below, you'll note that this is only part one. Assuming MythicMarty doesn't get distracted by other things, we'll probably get to see more Lego Dark Souls in the future.

*It kinda is just Minecraft with Lego.

Shaun Prescott

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