Here's a quick look at the next game from the GreedFall studio

Spiders, the team behind action RPG GreedFall, is back with another game that really isn't as wild as it sounds, and IGN's Summer of Gaming Expo just gave us our first in-engine look at the thing. The thing? It's Steelrising, an action RPG that reimagines the French Revolution as the French Revolution, but robots. Louis XVI's got a damn army of automatons in this timeline. 

You'll play as Aegis, a member of the revolution, who I'm guessing is the rooftop runner in the trailer. I'm getting major Assassin's Creed vibes here, but it's difficult to extrapolate much else from this short clip. It's all very well lit, and I don't just say that because Paris is clearly burning. I dig the glint on the cobblestones and all the detail you can make out in the darkness. Steelrising looks nice! The premise just feels like a gimmick. Hopefully it has more going on in how it plays. 

We'll probably find out soon. There's no release date for Steelrising yet, but Spiders was looking for testers in March, which means there's probably enough there to show off in greater detail before long. 

James Davenport

James is stuck in an endless loop, playing the Dark Souls games on repeat until Elden Ring and Silksong set him free. He's a truffle pig for indie horror and weird FPS games too, seeking out games that actively hurt to play. Otherwise he's wandering Austin, identifying mushrooms and doodling grackles.