Here are 20 leaky minutes of Elder Scrolls Online footage

Psst. Over here. No, over here . Um, that's a lamppost. OK, close enough. You want 20 minutes of raw Elder Scrolls Online footage that Bethesda don't want you to see ? Then I recommend you watch the following video - of a tester playing ESO - before their lawyers emerge from the shadows to quietly 'remove' it from the internet. Not only does it show a load of different situations and environments, but there's a bit where the magicky player character proceeds to wail on a mudcrab for like a full minute. The more things change, the more they stay the same. There are also monkeys, and dancing - but then you knew this was an MMO, right?

A reminder: this is unedited footage, so it's not entirely action-packed - but I'll take that over the overly enthusiastic talking heads that most 'official' gameplay trailers are strung out with. If you want more Elder Scrolls Online info, you should probably read our recent hands-on preview .

Thanks to PCGamesN .

The Elder Scrolls Online - Leaked gameplay footage by shadowkid_86

Tom Sykes

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