Henry Cavill has PC hardware issues just like you or me

Henry Cavill builds a PC
(Image credit: Henry Cavill)

PC Gaming Global Goodwill Ambassador, Warhammer aficionado, and Mr. Witcher himself, Henry Cavill, is just like us⁠—sometimes he has to spend a lazy Sunday slaving over a hot rig, trying to figure out just what the hell is wrong with it.

Posting on Instagram, Cavill revealed that the AIO cooler in that sick PC he built a few years ago crapped out⁠—possibly in part from overwork during the recent British heat wave. It was time for some upgrades.

He looks to have opted for an NZXT Kraken Z73⁠—one of our picks for the best AIO coolers you can buy⁠—but swapped out the stock fans for some beautifully brown and beige Noctuas. The Austrian manufacturer is renowned for its quality, but only if you can accept (or even come to love) its commitment to its signature color scheme.

The final close-up of the machine reveals Cavill didn't skimp on cable management either⁠—it's nice and clean in there. I gotta say I also like the contrast between those Noctuas and the muted black and grey colors on the rest of his system. I'm no great lover of ultra minimalism and RGB everywhere⁠—real life's always a little mismatched, and I think Cavill's build occupies a nice middle ground between obsessive aesthetic cultivation and unadorned functionality.

You gotta wonder what he's playing on the thing at the moment. Given his love of 40k, maybe the actor's looking forward Owlcat's upcoming Rogue Trader RPG? Whatever the case, seeing those Noctuas is reminding me of my jealousy at anyone who was able to get their hands on the company's absurd and delightful collab with Asus on some massive brown and beige GPUs.

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