Helldivers is four years old and still being updated

Every year around Liberty Day, which is October 26 in the futuristic Super Earth of Helldivers' setting, Arrowhead Studios release an update for their game of twin-stick co-op chaos. This year it comes with a new subtitle, and will be called Helldivers: Dive Harder from now on.

The main change in Dive Harder is a mode called Proving Grounds, a replayable urban mission where big alien bugs have been let loose in a training facility. Three different Proving Grounds will be available during the campaign, unlocking as you go, then resetting at the end. If you make it to the top of the leaderboards during that time, you get a cape. And bragging rights, I guess.

The loadout system is also changing, gaining an option to preselect favorite loadouts or randomize them. A bunch of tweaks and balance changes are on the way as well and will be detailed in the next set of patch notes. One change Arrowhead note in their blog: "yes, you can now skip the Galactic Campaign Summary..."

Arrowhead will be running a stream on their Twitch channel to cover the new update on October 25 at 9am PDT.

Jody Macgregor
Weekend/AU Editor

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