Helicopter shooter Comanche is getting an Early Access launch next week

(Image credit: THQ Nordic)

Classic helicopter sim Comanche is returning next week, though it follows the more action-focused Comanche 4 than the sims of the '90s. It's an aerial shooter set in the near future with a focus on multiplayer battles, and you'll be able to grab it on March 12 via Steam

Comanche's singleplayer mode was apparently added due to "popular demand" and will include an evolving roster of missions, but it looks like the team-based multiplayer dog-fights are where this new Comanche's heart really lies. 

Pilots will be able to blow up the opposition in objective-based and team deathmatch modes, picking their chopper from a list of Comanche and drone configurations. THQ Nordic has shown off some new footage on Twitter. 

I'm much more comfortable with my sims than I am with multiplayer shooters, but helicopters are just cool enough for me to be willing to get crushed by some teen streamers.

Comanche's Early Access phase is expected to last for around six months. Planned features include flightstick and HOTAS support, as well as more multiplayer and singleplayer additions. When it launches next week, you'll be able to test two multiplayer modes, one story mission and several maps, helicopters and drones.

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