Hearthstone will be giving out golden cards as part of the festival of Noblegarden

The great feast of Noblegarden, an annual tradition in the World of Warcraft realm of Azeroth, is coming to Hearthstone next week. Beginning May 9 and running through May 13, the Tavern will offer special festive emotes, a free Golden Eggnapper and Golden Devilsaur Egg, and a new Tavern Brawl called "Everybunny Get In Here."

In the Brawl an egg will spawn at the start of each turn, which you can paint using "a deck of colorful dyes and special Noblegarden cards," along with ten random Class cards. Different dyes apply different buffs, and each egg will hatch into a cute little minion at the start of the following turn, or a bunny if you opt not to dye it.   

I'll admit to be a little confused on the timing: The Noblegarden celebration is obviously very Easter-like, but I'm pretty sure that Easter happened a month ago. Then again, far be it from me to be too insistent that videogame holidays closely mirror anything that happens in the real world. Bottom line, it sounds like an "egg-cellent" time for all. (Sorry, you can blame Blizzard for that one.) 

Andy Chalk

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