Hearthstone Help: Basic Decks Guide

Basic Hunter

2x Hunter's Mark

2x Arcane Shot

2x Elven Archer

2x Acidic Swamp Ooze

2x Starving Buzzard

2x River Crocolisk

2x Novice Engineer

2x Animal Companion

2x Kill Command

2x Ironforge Rifleman

2x Shattered Sun Cleric

2x Multi-Shot

2x Houndmaster

1x Oasis Snapjaw

2x Tundra Rhino

1x Stormwind Champion

How does it work, then?

Hello aggression and hello lots of little beasties. Hunter decks revolve around beast cards and manipulating the synergies between them. Adding beasts to the board can improve your card draw thanks to Starving Buzzard. It can also soup up Kill Command from 3 to 5 damage while Houndmaster's ability to offer +2/+2 and Taunt to a beast is a useful option throughout.


When it comes to Starving Buzzard play it on a turn when you know you can play at least one more beast onto the board otherwise you're wasting valuable resources. This is a basic deck so it doesn't contain the recently nerfed , but still useful, Unleash the Hounds (notorious for its ability to combine with Buzzard), but Buzzards will get removed fast regardless, so you'll want to make sure you get that extra card draw. The same goes for any card: avoid playing unless you know you can get value from your Battlecry, buffs and other abilities.

Poyo says:

"Hunters are extremely hard to play on a high level because the problem for the Hunter is card advantage. It's extremely hard to maintain it. Hunter is, in general, an aggressive class and it excels at pushing your opponent's health low. Any player can do that. Any player can unload their entire hand on the board and push, but eventually the opponent gets it under control, makes a boardwipe with a card like Swipe, and you've lost the game.”

As a result you'll want to build with cards that will steal back card advantage where possible. On the subject of the hated Hounds-Buzzard-Timber Wolf combo, Poyo says: “It will still be viable in certain scenarios, however most decks will have their metagame potential diminished a lot by the nerf.”

Dust's no object, you say?

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