Hearthstone Help: Basic Decks Guide

Basic Paladin

2x Hand of Protection

2x Novice Engineer

2x Acidic Swamp Ooze

2x Shattered Sun Cleric

2x Razorfen Hunter

2x Truesilver Champion

2x Consecration

2x Chillwind Yeti

2x Sen'jin Shieldmasta

2x Hammer of Wrath

2x Blessing of Kings

2x Stormpike Commando

2x Frostwolf Warlord

2x Guardian of Kings

2x Stormwind Champion

How does it work, then?

You're aiming for board control with this one, buffing and protecting minions with the likes of Hand of Protection and Blessing of Kings. You're also able to squish enemy minions one-on-one with Truesilver Champion, or en masse using Consecration as it chucks two points of damage at all enemies.


Some find the basic Paladin options can leave you in a bit of a pickle (or, y'know, dead) in the early game if you don't get those low mana card drops. Don't be afraid to mulligan your starting hand aggressively to try to unearth the more helpful options lurking within the deck.

Poyo says :

“Paladins struggle with card drawing. Either they have to be completely aggressive, and rely on Divine Favor, or be more control-orientated and get their card advantage from several mid-range cards–perhaps Lay on Hands in the late-game. Once you extend to Ancient Watchers and full blown Sunfury/Argus combos, you might also want to consider including a Twilight Drake, which can be really good defensive value if you can tend to have a rather big hand size. In other words, your early game can potentially be Loot Hoarders or only hero power–perhaps a Wild Pyromancer and Equality combo. Once you have a bigger hand size, you can often find synergy with Mountain Giant. Molten Giant should be considered against most aggressive decks, however this becomes a dependency which will often lead to a dead card in your hand.

“If you're aggressive and play around cheap minions and Divine Favor, early game obviously won't be an issue, but if you're leaning towards mid-range or control, you will most likely take charge once Truesilver Champions and Consecrations start hitting the board. Perhaps a healing spell or minion such as Earthen Ring Farseer could help you sustain yourself against aggressive decks until you can bring your more offensive mid-range approach to the board at the 4+ mana mark.”

Dust's no object, you say?

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