Reign victorious with the best Hearthstone Battlegrounds comps

hearthstone battlegrounds comps strategy
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If you're looking for the best Hearthstone Battlegrounds comps, you're in the right place. The game is still in its early days, packed with a limited number of Hearthstone Battlegrounds cards, but there several strong combinations and strategies to play as the meta emerges.

This strategy guide takes the best Hearthstone Battlegrounds heroes and pairs them most effectively with the current cards available, depending on minion type. I'll also help you know which units you should be investing in during mid and late game. So here's the best Hearthstone Battlegrounds strategy and team comp for each situation.

The best Hearthstone Battlegrounds comps


Pursuing a deck based on Beast-type minions can be a great way to learn the ropes. They might not seem powerful on their own, but once you start using cards such as the Dire Wolf Alpha (Adjacent minions have +1 Attack) and Goldrinn, the Great Wolf (gives your Beasts +4/+4), they begin to click.

Ideally, you'll have cards like Houndmaster, its Battlecry providing +2/+2 and Taunt to a Beast, and Pack Leader, which instantly gives +3 Attack to a Beast when you summon them.

One that you should never avoid is the Scavenging Hyena, a minion that obtains +2/+2 each time a fellow Beast dies. Ideally you’ll be exploiting this with tokens as much as possible, and one card that can help you is the Rat Pack, whose Deathrattle summons a number of 1/1 Rats equal to its attack number. The minion starts with a base of 2, but if you can just raise it up until 6 or 7, you’ll guarantee a solid backup in case the luck isn't with you. If you add Taunt to it, you’ll guarantee a quick swift and a group of 1/1 units to boost your Scavenging Hyena. 

Keep in mind that, while cards like Baron Rivendare (which triggers your Deathrattle twice) might sound tempting, you'll always have a maximum of seven cards on the table, so it won’t add much to this Hearthstone Battlegrounds strategy. Lastly, make sure to level up your Tier level as quickly as possible to get access to Mama Bear, which gives +4/+4 to every summoned Beast.

The heroes that get along best with this are Nefarian, The Curator, and King Mukla. The Rat King can also do well with this comp, but its passive is uncertain around what the Tavern might throw at you. Don’t bother with Queen Wagtoggle unless it’s absolutely necessary, since adding +1 health to your Beasts isn’t a game changer compared to the rest.


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The most popular Mech comps revolve around Mechano-Eggs, a card that doesn’t seem too impressive at first , but its Deathrattle spawns a +8/+8 Robosaur. You will need to get to Tier 5 in the Tavern for the card to show up, mind. Then it’s highly advisable to stay there for a couple of turns and pursue the gold version of the minion.

Defender of Argus is a perfect card for this comp, since you should be looking for your opponent to focus on your Mechano-Egg as quickly as possible in each turn. Argus’ ability grants Taunt to both adjacent units, so make sure to pick it up if you have the chance

Baron Rivendare should also be on your side of the table, since it doubles the Deathrattle of your cards. Just beware of not upgrading your Mechano-Eggs’ health too much by accident, since you want them to be easy to destroy. As for heroes, Millificent Manastorm and Infinite Toki are effective in this setup.


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Demons thrive in both attack and health, along with a focus on tokens. They’re not as straightforward as Beasts, but there are a few cards that you should be paying attention to if you want to pursue this comp. Imp Gang Boss is useful if you manage to keep it alive, since every time the Demon gets hurt it will summon a 1/1 Imp. 

Voidlord is a Tier 6 card, but its Deathrattle summons three 1/3 Demons with Taunt, which can really turn the tides if combined with Soul Juggler, which deals 3 damage to a random enemy minion every time a fellow Demon dies. At Tier 5, Mal'Ganis is a must, adding +2/+2 to your hellish demons. And this is without considering cards like Nathrezim Overseer (gives +2/+2 to a friendly Demon and can already be obtained in Tier 2) and Phalanx Commander (your Taunt minions have +2 Attack).

Lord Jaraxxus and Patchwerk are some of the best hero choices for this composition. The first buffs all your Demons by +1/+1 for 3 gold coins, while the second comes packed with 20 extra HP. The Lich King’s ability to resurrect the card on the far right can help you to maintain your Soul Jugglers alive and kicking, too, but prioritize the other two before it.


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The time has come to talk about Murlocs. While Mechs are usually the majority in a Hearthstone Battlegrounds match, these iconic beings carry their own potential as well. The best part about toying around with these compositions is that you won’t need to go any further than Tier 3 in the Tavern to get a decent deck.

Murloc Tidecaller (gain +1 Attack when a Murloc is summoned) and Murloc Tidehunter (its Battlecry summons a 1/1 Murloc Scout) can be obtained in Tier 1, and they will set the foundation of how you’re going to play this comp. The idea is to focus on having a constant source of Murlocs, even if you’re just using the tokens to deal quick bursts of damage to the enemy. Getting the upper hand in terms of headcount during the first few turns is crucial, so you can guarantee yourself a few easy wins while dealing damage.

Moving onto Tier 2 and 3, Murloc Warleader (all other friendly amphibians have +2 Attack) is a must, while Old Murk-Eye (+1 Attack for each other Murloc on the battlefield), and Coldlight Seer (your other Murlocs get +2 Health) can be great for a couple of turn as you begin to slowly move to higher Tavern tiers.

Obtaining buffs such as Poison or Divine Shields can help into making an impenetrable wall, and if you can afford it, Gentle Megasaur will seal the comp at Tier 6 by using Adapt on your Murlocs (an ability that lets you choose between different bonuses).


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This is by far the most complex comp currently in Hearthstone Battlegrounds. The concept is to obtain a minion from each tribe, and complement the group with two tech cards, which will vary depending on what you’re facing during the match.

The units to pursue are a poisonous minion (either a Murloc with Toxfin or Maexxna), a strong card with Taunt (Mech using Annoy-o-Module or Annihilan Battlemaster with Defender of Argus’ buff), a cleave minion (Foe Reaper 4000 or Cave Hydra), and Lightfang Enforcer, which ties everything together by giving a random friendly Murloc, Demon, and Beast +2/+2.

From there, the remaining cards will depend on what you’re facing. If you’re encountering several Divine Shields, combine Foe Reaper with Divine Shield and Annoy-o-Module magnetize. Against Beasts Kangor’s Apprentice (summoning the first 2 friendly Mechs that died this combat) and Sneed’s Old Shredder (which summons a legendary minion) can come in handy. And if you’re getting swarmed by tokens, positioning Zapp Slywick to attack the enemy with the lowest Attack on the left side can help maintain your ground.