Heads up, Gigabyte just updated its gaming monitor warranty for the better

(Image credit: Gigabyte)

It doesn't seem like dead or stuck pixels on LCD monitors are as big of a problem as they once were (I don't have any data to back up this assumption, it's just an observation), but should you buy an Aorus model, Gigabyte now guarantees against them entirely.

Gigabyte recently revised its warranty policy with a new "Zero Bright Dot Guarantee," which is valid for the first year of ownership (from the date of original purchase). It applies to all six of its Aorus branded "tactical" gaming monitors, including the AD27QD, KD25F, FI27Q, FI27Q-P, CV27F, and CV27Q.

"Manufacturers in the industry normally offer warranty service [only] if a panel has at least 3 bright dots. Aorus believes that a conditional guarantee of up to 3 bright dots is not good enough. Only a pure and unyielding commitment to quality is suitable for our users," Gigabyte says.

Gigabyte is not the only one upping the ante in monitor warranties. So is AOC, and despite Gigabyte's claim of offering an "industry-leading warranty," AOC's is actually better.

I wrote about AOC's also-revised monitor policy around a month ago, but to recap, its new "Re-Spawned" warranty offers 4 years of coverage for its premium Agon models and 3 years for its G series gaming monitors. In both cases, a zero-dead pixel guarantee runs the length of the warranty. AOC also includes a one-time accidental damage claim during the first year of ownership, with advanced replacement service.

In contrast, Gigabyte backs its Aorus monitors for 3 years, but only offers the zero-dead pixel coverage for the first year. Other perks do not apply, such as accidental damage protection.

Still, it's nice to see monitor makers in general expanding their coverage and terms for gamers. AOC just appears to be the one to beat at the moment.

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