Hawken Wreckage map and Christmas plans revealed

Mechs and Christmas go together like mechs and, well, anything, so the news that Hawken has added a seasonally appropriate Xmas-themed environment and skins fills me with a tinselly, sprouty kind of feeling. In celebration of Old Man Breaks Into Your House And Drinks Your Best Brandy Day, Hawken devs Adhesive Games have redecorated the game's Last Eco map (see above), in addition to optionally smothering your mechs with wrapping paper and candy canes and even snowman repair drones . They've also - and on any other month, this would probably be the headliney bit - added an entirely new map to the game. It's called Wreckage, and as the name suggests it's in a bit of a state.

You can hear more about Wreckage in the trailer below, but the salient point is that it's set in and around a cargo ship that's only gone and crashed into a swamp. As you can see, it looks appropriately gorgeous (this is Hawken after all), despite the general air of swampiness. Update also adds new skins and equipment, plus the aforementioned festive content - or Operation Frostburn, as Adhesive are rather grandly calling it. Wreckage is live now; to play it, start up Hawken and download the update.

Tom Sykes

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