Hawken updates forthcoming after nearly a year of silence


Free-to-play mech shooter Hawken is not fading into obscurity just yet, despite a lack of updates. In an announcement on the game's official Facebook page, new owners Reloaded Games pledged to breathe new life into the title, which has languished in Early Access without updates since early 2014.

The news comes amid uncertainty about the status of the game's previous publisher, Meteor Entertainment. GeekWire reported last year that the publisher's Seattle office was shuttered in early 2014 and its business consolidated in Los Angeles. Whatever the case, both Meteor and developers Adhesive Games have kept hush-hush regarding Hawken, and the Early Access community has become frustrated, to say the least.

New forums are forthcoming, according to the Reloaded Games spokesperson. In addition, a list of forthcoming updates were listed, including:

Fix password reset
Get forums working again
Fix more deployment stuff
Fix a bunch of tools systems
Play Hawken
Fix more back end systems
Play more Hawken and get rolled by the good players
Fix Fix Fix (yeah, lots of this)
Plan new updates and future changes

The mysterious 'capnjosh' has promised more information on the future of the game once the community forums are up and running. Reloaded Games currently operates APB: Reloaded.

Shaun Prescott

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