Hawken enters open beta next week

Here's what the week has been missing: giant stompy robot news! Word comes through from Adhesive Games that Hawken, their free-to-play mech FPS, is going into open-beta from next week, letting anyone jump into monstrous metal death-machines packed full of explosive warheads. Hooray for robots!

On December 12th the game will be available to mecha-pilots worldwide (except in China, where it's due to arrive a little later). According to Hawken's lead animator Chris Lalli: “Open beta is our chance to implement all the good feedback we've gotten from closed beta players on the forums, and deliver the changes the community wants to see.”

The team plans to roll out new features, balance changes and improvements throughout the beta, and is welcoming player feedback over at the Hawken forums .

You can sign up over at the game's website .

Thanks, PCGamesN .

Phil Savage

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