Hatoful Boyfriend, the game of pigeon love, delayed until September

The sad pigeon-wings of destiny have swooped down on Hatoful Boyfriend , the game of love between birds and the one human who dares go to school among them. It was originally supposed to be out this month , but publisher Devolver Digital revealed today that the egg needs a little more time in the nest.

You should be paying attention to Hatoful Boyfriend because it is a game about dating pigeons—as a human. You're a student at the prestigious St. PigeoNation's school for birds, for reasons which will presumably be made clear in the game (or maybe not), and you must negotiate its halls and unforgiving social strata as you search for love and maintain an acceptable grade point average.

To paraphrase the mighty Samuel L. Jackson , you either want to play that, or you don't. Unfortunately for those in the former camp, you're going to have to wait a bit longer to launch your quest for avian amore . "Hatoful Boyfriend has been delayed just a bit to September 4 as @Mediatonic polishes up the game before it hatches!" Devolver Digital tweeted this afternoon.

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No specific reason for the delay was given, only that it "needs just a smidgen more time in the pigeon nest before it hatches." And I think that's enough bird puns for one day, don't you?

Andy Chalk

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