Knock an extra 10% off this new AndaSeat gaming chair—dropping it and its fifth dimension armrests under $400

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AndaSeat Kaiser 3 Pro | 5D armrests | Magnetic headrest | Range of colors | $499.99 $396 at AndaSeat (save $103.99 with coupon code AndaPCG)

AndaSeat Kaiser 3 Pro | 5D armrests | Magnetic headrest | Range of colors | $499.99 $396 at AndaSeat (save $103.99 with coupon code AndaPCG)
Five dimensional armrests are only one of the reasons why the Kaiser 3 makes a good place to rest your weary bones. More crucially, this chair offers mod cons such as a magnetic headrest and adjustable lumbar support. 

Anyone can grab the new AndaSeat Kaiser 3 Pro gaming chair for $440 right now. But you're not anyone—you're a PC Gamer reader, and that means you can secure yourself an extra 10% discount over on the AndaSeat website with the code AndaPCG. That brings the chair down to $396.

This code is actually good for any chair on the AndaSeat website, so don't feel like you're stuck with the Kaiser 3 Pro. We've rated a couple of AndaSeat's gaming chairs highly in the past.

We've reviewed many of AndaSeat's gaming chairs, including the Kaiser 3 XL and Kaiser 2. We were thoroughly impressed with the quality on offer with both of these Kaiser branded seats—the former is our pick as the best gaming chair for a larger frame. The Kaiser 3 Pro comes with a new headline feature not found on these previous models, however. 

The AndaSeat Kaiser 3 Pro comes with five dimensions of armrest. Yes, five. What does that mean exactly? I had to check, to be sure, but it means you can adjust the armrests in five ways: up/down, forwards/backwards, in/out, swivel, and tilt in the middle. Yeah, that last one is new, and probably not a scientific dimension by any means, but it's at the very least something new.

I've not seen an armrest bend in the middle like that, I must admit. I struggle to think of why you'd want it to. Maybe with a smaller tilt you'll find some sort of use for it. Luckily, the Kaiser 3 has plenty else to offer the avid gamer beyond just this.

There's built-in four-way lumbar support, a magnetic head pillow, a wide seat and a generous recline. Personally, I love the magnetic head pillow on the Secretlab Titan Evo and it's good to see that feature make it elsewhere.

So, if you're in the market for a new gaming chair, you might want to check out the AndaSeat site. Just don't get put off by the company's inconsistent formatting of its own name. It doesn't bother me at all. Nope, not one bit. Nuh uh.

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