Halo's Magnum is coming to Destiny 2

In a few hours, Destiny 2's Bungie 30th Anniversary Pack will go live in game, bringing a new six-player activity, new dungeon and the return of a handful of Destiny 1 weapons—including iconic Exotic rocket launcher Gjallarhorn, bane of every year one player looking to join an LFG. The pack, however, also promised weapons drawn from Bungie's history, including the Claymore Sword from Myth and a Marathon-inspired shotgun.

One classic Bungie series was notably missing from the announcement line-up: Halo. Now, thanks to the above launch trailer, we finally have confirmation that some of Master Chief's best guns will be there for Guardians to earn. A quick montage at the start of the trailer highlights three Halo inspired weapons: the Magnum, the BR55 and what looks like half of an Energy Sword. You can see the full range below.

(Image credit: Bungie)

We also get a brief look at Dares of Eternity, a new, free, Nine-themed activity that you can play whether you buy the pack or not. In it, you spin a big wheel to impress a big horse made of stars. No. I am not joking.

Pack buyers will also gain access to Grasp of Avarice, a dungeon inspired by Destiny 1's loot cave—a big dark cave that players fired into for hours to earn new guns. That comes with a particularly tasty Thorn-themed armour set, as well as a handful of returning D1 weapons—including Matador 64, a mainstay of my Destiny 1 Crucible loadout.

As celebrations go, then, this one is about as fan service-y as you can get. There's even the return of Crota, a Destiny 1 raid boss that is presumably here tied to the new activity. Plus, the pack kicks off this year's Moments of Triumphs—a selection of challenges designed to round up your achievements for the past year of stuff.

In all, then, it should be a nice collection of stuff to chase as we wait for February and the release of The Witch Queen.

Phil Savage

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