Halo TV series production delayed as director Rupert Wyatt steps down

Director and executive producer Rupert Wyatt has left Showtime's upcoming Halo TV series, as a result of a decision "to add time to the schedule in order to do [the series] right." There was no confirmed air date for the series to begin with other than a target date of 2020, so it's hard to tell if this'll affect when we see it. 

As reported by Deadline, Wyatt, who previously directed Rise of the Planet of the Apes, explains that the delay necessitates him leaving the project. "It’s with great disappointment that changes to the production schedule of Halo prevent me from continuing in my role as a director on the series... My time on Halo has been a creatively rich and rewarding experience with a phenomenal team of people." 

The scale of the Halo TV series sounds like it's responsible for the delay. It's previously been described as Showtime's most ambitious series ever, and this is the network behind last year's (mostly) amazing Twin Peaks: The Return, so that's saying something. I would guess Halo is its answer to big genre fare like Game of Thrones and Stranger Things. 

"Obviously, the production demands of this series are enormous, and we have had to add time to the schedule in order to do it right," says Showtime's Gary Levine. "Sadly, this delay has created a conflict for Rupert, whom we warmly thank for all he has brought to the project." 

Master Chief will appear in the TV series, and hopefully he'll get to fly a banshee about seven or eight episodes into the show. I love banshees. 

Samuel Roberts
Former PC Gamer EIC Samuel has been writing about games since he was 18. He's a generalist, because life is surely about playing as many games as possible before you're put in the cold ground.