Halo Infinite multiplayer challenges explained

Halo Infinite running Spartan
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Halo Infinite multiplayer is now live and there are a bunch of daily and weekly challenges to complete in the first battle pass. Tweaks are coming to make progression a little faster and reward you for taking part in matches, but for the most part, you need to play specific match types or get certain kill types to progress. If you make your way through enough weekly challenges you'll unlock an Ultimate challenge that leads to some special loot.

Halo Infinite weekly challenges explained

So, changes are currently being made to the weekly challenge system, including a 'Play 1 Game challenge' to help you along. If you log in between November 23-30 you'll receive the Sigil Mark VII visor, but all of your weekly challenge progress will reset to allow for the changes. There will also be changes to the number of weekly challenges that need to be completed before you can access the Ultimate challenge. Challenges that are too difficult are also set to be removed, and XP boosts will last an hour instead of 30 minutes.

At present, there are three tiers of challenges available in Halo Infinite multiplayer each week and they are randomised for each player. Completing all the challenges will unlock Ultimate challenges which are much more difficult. Challenges range from killing an enemy Spartan with a sniper rifle in PVP matches to destroying wasps, meleeing from behind, and winning Capture the Flag matches.

Premium battle pass owners will get an extra weekly challenge slot and the Tier 1 challenges can be completed in the Bot Bootcamp, for those of you who are new to Halo and/or PvP. To get through the challenges quickly, access Quick Play matches as fewer competitors means more chance of grabbing the weapon you need for a specific challenge. Also, get your playlist challenges out the way earlier as they can be a bit of a slog. You can also swap out some challenges, though there's no telling whether the one you receive will be more difficult or not.

If you complete all of your weekly challenges, you'll get about five levels on your battle pass. You'll earn 115 ranks which isn't enough to max out the Heroes of Reach pass, so hopefully, 343 Industries has a fix in store for that.

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