Half-Life 2 mod lets you finally experience the game as it was meant to be played: in Lego form

Great news, friends, dedicated modders have finally restored Half-Life 2 to Valve's original vision. Freed from the fetters of 2004-era hardware, we can at last experience the genre-defining FPS classic as the good Lord intended: with every character replaced by a profoundly unlicensed Lego substitute.

Spotted by PCGamesN, the Lego Half-Life 2 Full Conversion mod (from author Not Dave or Daniel) does exactly what you'd expect something called the Lego Half-Life 2 Full Conversion mod to do, modelling a block-legged, claw-handed Lego alternative for every member of the game's cast. Gordon Freeman's HEV suit becomes a shiny paint job on his trapezoidal chest, Combine troops take on a shade of venomous yellow, and Dr. Wallace Breen—the game's chief antagonist—has been to Turkey for some hair plugs. So good for him.

It's weirdly well done and surprisingly thorough for a gag mod, which I suppose is down to the fact that it relies heavily on work done for a completely different project. The mod actually uses Lego models of Breaking Bad's Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, of all things, which were originally dreamt up to serve some dark purpose over in Garry's Mod. In essence, every character in the Lego Half-Life 2 mod is just a retextured Walter and Jesse. Which, yeah, sure.

It's not entirely seamless, you'll be astounded to hear. The mod only affects character models, not the levels themselves, which accomplishes the discombobulating effect of a realistic (ish) world inhabited solely by little plastic guys. I mean that literally, by the way, these Lego figurines are all like a fifth of the size of the game's defaults models, so that'll take some adjusting to if you decide to embark on a Lego playthrough.

The mod seems to be a hit. It has a five-star rating on the Steam Workshop after 1,674 ratings, and the comments are full to the brim with effusive praise. Shoutout in particular to a comment from Steam user Enochalive, who rather implausibly says they've "been wanting something like this!" and are thrilled it's finally turned up. I'm happy for you, Enochalive. May we all get our long-held and hyper-specific desires fulfilled like that some day.

Joshua Wolens
News Writer

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