Hack-and-slash RPG Pagan Online will leave Early Access with 'massive changes' in August

(Image credit: Wargaming)

The action-RPG Pagan Online is a lot like Diablo, but also not like Diablo: As we explained in our April preview, the basic monster-clobbering action is familiar but the underlying structure, made up of very short, interconnected missions, is not, and rather than progressing through a lengthy skill tree as you grind missions you'll unlock unique, MOBA-style characters, each with their own array of skills.

It's been in Early Access since April, and is now slated to come out of Early Access on August 27. The launch version of the game will see "massive feature and content updates" including a full eight-act story campaign with new zones, maps, and bosses, two new playable characters, updated crafting and loot drop systems, new skills trees, and end-game content.

"During our four month run in Early Access we have implemented massive changes and amazing new features and mechanics to deliver the best possible 1.0 experience at full launch," Mad Head Games chief creative officer Uros Banjesevic said. "It is going to be, literally, a different game."

Mad Head is also launching a pre-release program called the Might and Glory Club that offers streamers, bloggers, artists, and other content creators a chance to stream and share content based on the release version of Pagan Online a week before it goes live. Might and Glory Club members will be given codes for in-game rewards to share with their audiences, and will be eligible for selection as one of the "Heroes of Pagan Online": Their names will be included in the game credits, and their content "will receive media support from Pagan Online and its media partners."

"While this is a premium title, it is also a service, and players can expect regular updates to the game both in content and gameplay," said Jacob Beucler, product director at publisher Wargaming. "We are committed to continue to iterate on our game. We are excited to not only end the Early Access journey, but also to begin building what comes next."

The Early Access version of Pagan Online is available on Steam for $20/£16/€17. The price of the full release version will go up to $30.

Andy Chalk

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