Guy fails to rob a bank while wearing Sonic the Hedgehog's face

Sonic in the bank

We all know Sonic the Hedgehog likes his fair share of treasure—emphasis on fair. He's got plenty of rings to collect out in the wilderness of Green Hill Zone, after all. However in Florida, police had to scramble in response to a criminal using the blue blur's face as a mask in an attempted bank robbery. 

As reported by the West Volusia Beacon and spotted by Kotaku, a person believed to be a man, entered a Florida Credit Union with the intention of robbing it. The incident happened on the afternoon of February 2, 2022, and police were dispatched in response to the incident at around 4:20 pm. The robber dressed as Sonic had entered the building with a hammer and had demanded money from a teller. 

After Sonic struck the teller's window with the hammer, he was confronted by an employee. The blue blur then left and fled from the premises. The police arrived after the suspect had run away on foot—keeping true to Sonic's choice of transportation I see. An update to the original report from the West Volusian Beacon says that no damage to the building or windows was reported, no money was stolen, and most importantly, no one was hurt.  


(Image credit: Paramount Pictures)

It seems that the man who tried to rob the bank has not been apprehended by the police. He was simply too fast for them I guess, though they might eventually find the perpetrator. The Florida Credit Union Assistant Vice President of Branch Operations Brian Leatherman said that the "local police are on it" at the moment. 

After all, although we know Sonic's face was involved, how do we know that this isn't one of Eggman's foul tricks. Perhaps he wants to give Sonic some bad press before Sonic The Hedgehog two comes out and it's really just Metal Sonic in the mask. Or, more likely, this Sonic mask just happened to be a good disguise for someone else entirely. 

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