Gunpoint trailer released. Dev asks if you'd be willing to pay

Gunpoint thumbnail

A new Gunpoint trailer has been released. In a refreshing change to standard games PR it's created entirely from gameplay footage and comes in at a whopping eight minutes.

You probably remember Gunpoint from our exclusive interview with creator Tom Francis back in April. You probably remember Tom Francis from his work on PC Gamer UK . Full disclosure - he sits a few metres away from me and he's lovely.

Tom describes Gunpoint as "a game about breaking into secure buildings with a bunch of stupid gadgets." Those gadgets include a pair of projectile trousers, sticky gloves and a protective trenchcoat. We approve.

[VAMS id="60IA0deM9I01O"]

So far it looks both satisfying and cerebral, tasking you with launching guards through windows, rewiring circuitry with a few mouse clicks and intimidating men by holding them at... um... a situation where they could feasibly be shot. It's got a gorgeous art style that appears to be both pixelated and practical. Tom says John Roberts and Fabian van Dommelen are to thank for that.

Towards the end of the trailer Tom asks if you'd be willing to pay for his first game - it's evolved dramatically since he started development. Early feedback implies that gamers would be willing to lay down some cash for some stealthy, punchy, hacky fun. Good on ya, PC gamers.

For more on Gunpoint visit the and check out the official Twitter page. If you're interested to see how the games progressed over the past few months, click down there for Tom's first ever trailer. He sounded more nervous back then.